Monday, December 07, 2009


Went to see a performance of Handel's Messiah at Sheffield Cathedral this evening. This was the first time that i have seen this piece performed. Me and Danni walked into town straight from work and, befitting an occasion of high culture, we had a McDonald's. I noticed that some workmen were, at the same time, removing all the fixed signage from the Bradford and Bingley building opposite. Sadly this bank fell during the crash and were bought out by Santander. After finishing our meal we walked past the building and i asked if i could take the little bowler hat, a symbol synonymous with the Bradford and Bingley brand. So now i'm the proud owner of this little hat :)
The music in the concert was beautiful, the acoustics of the cathedral are lovely. Must admit there were the odd bits where you just wished the singers could finish a word without so much repeating and warbling. During the interval we went to get a drink and had to join the world's longest queue. As I was closing in on the drink point i could see an old dear looking my way and she seemed to recognise me. I wasn't too sure that i knew her but gave a nod and a smile back, just in case. This obviously caused a stir amongst her friends and one of them turned and said to me, "you are one of the soloists aren't you!" which made me laugh in side as i have perhaps the worst tone deaf voice you can imagine. I had to confess that unfortunately i was not and made a mental note not to wear a white shirt and black trousers to such a gig.