Monday, June 18, 2007

central st martin's

London again, this time just for the day on the train. I went down to see the final year degree show at central st martins. HC was exhibiting her final year piece which was the main reason i went along. However, i really enjoyed browsing all the displays. Spent over 2.5 hours there was so much to see and investigate. A number of the pieces seemed to be influenced by construction. Either by items discarded, or by structures themselves.
One such piece had a small space you could climb and squeeze through which was fun. The process of construction in shaping our surroundings. It was amazing to see so many inovative ideas, so forward thinking and vital. Such a change to the mundaneness of everyday life, it's great to see that there are people who are experimenting and trying new things, whilst i spend days bored at work tapping on a computer. Unfortunately cos hc was part of her installation, cos it included performance art I wasn't able to chat about some of the pieces with her. After browsing i found myself a coffee shop to sit and write some of my book, i seemed to hit a bit of a roll, which is good. I have all these scenes in my heaed, it's all about interpreting them onto the page, it's not straight forward.
In the evening i met up with cem and we enjoyed yo sushi, I was particulalry amused by a young girl sat opposite who was attempting to stick a noodle up her nose, until her mum intervened.

More photos in my st martin's flickr set


Anonymous said...

i did my postgrad at csm so i routinely check out flickr for degree show photos- the one with all the windows- where was the location? and was it one artist or a whole course? it was difficult to put together the details from your pics.

moog said...

I took photos of a variety of installations. It was a course show, so the artists are diverse. I'm not sure which photo you mean, leave a comment on the flickr photo. Do you mean the huge wooden sculpture? that was erected in a cloister area in the centre of csm and was by Nicholas Brown

Funky_adry said...

Hi guys, I am kind of planning to try to enter CSM in london. I am from italy and was wondering if someone could give me some hints.




Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Two different teachers at the Central St., Martins post grad painting course have both told me that its a waste of time. They've both been there a long time so shud know. One said that it was a 'waste of money'. they both thought the Royal College was gud. - But that is hard to get into.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry. The painting tutors are crap but London's a cool place to be.-