Sunday, January 13, 2008


just before new year i was shopping in wilkos when i chanced upon canvases for sale at £2. Now at that price i thought i might try and do some painting, a few small tubes of acrylic paint were equally cheap. Listening to MIA at the time i had visions of colours and images flashing vibrantly through my head. Painting would be the way to capture them. I made the purchase, got home and found my little polyfiller trowel. Not having an artists pallette, i made one blue peter style from a piece of card wrapped in tin foil, put on bamboo banga by MIA really loud and set to work, whirring the trowel over the canvas. I really enjoyed the creative burst and was quite pleased with how the painting turned out. Buoyed on with the success i purchased further canvases and tried a couple more paintings using different music tracks for influence. Click the images to see full size.

and a clip of me painting

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