Friday, September 01, 2006

Change of email

V is obviously as busy as I am when she is at work, and has put together this little picture of us both in a south park stylee.

This is just a quick post to inform you that I will be no longer using my fish email as they no longer support webmail, only as part of an ISP package, which I do not require. Which is a shame, however, it has caused me quite a lot of bother over the years and I have stuck with them as it is a christian aid account, and i was kind of advertising them indirectly. I now have a google email account which gives me gigabytes of free space, MMmmmmmmmmmm.


felicity said...

I've just looked at your greenbelt pics. Your hair appears to be thinner than in your Israel pictures. Have you been to the hairdresser?

sabrina said...

HAHA! You're right, his hair is definitely thinning! Sorry Chris - you're losing it!

moog said...

I suspect these comments are from Tosney, highlighting my fraudulant fringe