Sunday, September 17, 2006

Twelve Baskets

There is this superb new site called twelve basketsthat has recently been launched to share worship resources. It is part funded by the methodist church and I heard about it at greenbelt.
You create an account and upload any powerpoint presentations or movies or images etc that you have created for worship. Add some tags and a description and upload the media. Then should anyone else be interested in using your work they pay a small amount of money to download said item. This money helps to pay for the site maintenance etc, 10% goes to charity and a proportion gets credited to your own account. You can either use this money to download other material from the site, donate to charity or have sent in cash when you accumulate £20. Sounds like a fantastic idea. Please share it if you think it would be useful. for more info.

The church using web 2.0 technology - whatever next!


Anonymous said...

Great site - unfortunately no previews of some of the material - the stuff done by 'Just Worship' guru Richard Armiger is as good as ever! I wanted to have a quick peek at the schools resources but all you get is the cover.

Thanks for letting us know about it...

moog said...

i think that school resources is some 'booklet' anyway and a bit different to the rest of the user material.