Thursday, October 19, 2006

Graham Coxon

Graham CoxonWent to see Graham Coxon play at the leadmill last night with Andrew. I don't think he was as good as the last time we saw him. Took him a while to get warmed up and the crowd was likewise, subdued. However, about halfway into the set he previewed tracks from an upcoming 7" and all of a sudden began to spring into life. The bile that had been churning, was now beginning to burst forth in vitriolic rants. The music was equally passionate and suddenly the crowd began moshing. This was followed by perhaps his greatest post blur work, 'freakin out' which was greeted raptuously. Coxon's guitar work is fantastic, intricate and played with ease. The ease that he plays his instrument I think perhaps added to the mundane way in which the gig started, it's as if it is all to easy for him, just like another day in the office. The first encore saw the frenzied leaping guitar wielding Coxon, as the sweat dripped, the more ferocious the playing became. A very punky performance, no room for his more melodic tunes here, and an astounding number of guitars!

Tonight I am off to a very different 'gig' an organ recital, though I'm now having second thoughts about this, but we'll see.

Graham Coxon photo set on flickr

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