Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Making history

I've just taken part in a one day in history blog for history matters. To preserve our mundane lives for students and genealogists of the future to get excited about our crazy day to day activities at the turn of the 21st century. I'm sure they'll find my entry a rich resource:

It's tuesday the 17th of October and I'm submitting a blog to the 'one day in history' project relating how history has impacted on me today. Though thinking back it is hard to think of exact historic events that have shaped my day in any way. However, I know that the history that is my 'nurture' has helped in part in shaping me into the person I am, and it is through these experiences that I have experienced and recorded todays events, not that I think that I've interpreted my mundane day in a particular biased form. Up a bit early in order to email a document that I'd collated for a work colleague the night before. Quite a bit of tapping on the computer and collating the electronic copy of the operations and maintenance manual for the new Thorne health centre that we have almost finished constructing. It's really quite a chore, and I'm fairly fastidious in the projects I undertake, and demand a high level of perfection from my work. Despite the fact that no one will actually read the document, though with this highly searchable and interactive pdf I've created all info should be there at a touch of a button. Dropped the documents off at site and went around the centre taking photos of the various rooms for the tenants at the next tranche of schemes, so they get an idea of the kind of equipment we install and maintain in the building. Stop off in Sheffield on my way home to go into boots and pick up my new pairs of glasses. I have an oridinary pair and some sunglasses too. It's taking a while to decide whether I like them or not, I've gone for a very different pair this time. Trying some of these half rimless ones, I suppose it'll take a bit of getting used to. Back home and I put together the agenda for the next church council meeting for crookes valley methodist and then email it to the members. Cook some haggis for tea and enjoy watching the man utd vs fc copenhagen match on tv. Just before I started writing this I spent a bit of time chatting with Victoria on the web cam, she lives in toronto, it's such a good way of communicating and it's free too. Well that's it, sorry for the lack of adjectives people of the future, and I'm sure you won't have found anything useful to go in your essay, or discovered that I'm some distant relative. Anyway, if our science fiction is to be believed and the evolution of the written english language over the last few hundred years you probably can't even read it!

To be honest, I was quite tempted to write a much more intersting fictional account of my day including flying cars and talking animals.


Anonymous said...

I'm part of history now.

Anonymous said...

what, you mean you don't have a flying car and talking animals like us down south? eee, it's grim up north....