Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Alchemist

Went to the lyceum last night to watch a performance of the alchemist. You may recall I read the novel last year. It's a delightful little story about chasing your dreams, and the fortunes and struggles that ensue. Being a highly narrative story I had wondered how well it would transfer to the stage, but the adaptation worked wonderfully, performed by 5 actors, interchanging between narration and characters. Using movable blocks as stage props worked wonderfully too.

It was a whole different experience to when I went to see the cherry orchard. This time the audience was mainly under 35, which was refreshing. I'd booked an aisle seat for added comfort, cos I find the leg room quite small in that theatre. As I took my seat before the performance, some of the actors were roaming around in character selling programmes. I don't usually bother wasting my money on such things, but I really enjoyed the 'hard sell'. The programme came in a bag with sand from the dessert, a stone and a chocolate. I had to bargain hard with the girl, who was really quite attractive, who played fatima. I'd argued that she should be selling them cheap as they only had a few dates of the tour left. It was fun.

Seeing the story all in one go reminded me of its simplicity, it really does have an uplifting theme. Being led to chase ones dreams, but not a quest of pre-ordination where everything falls into place, but one that demands decisions and endurance. A path that includes loss and suffering, but one in which all things conspire to ultimately help achieve your aim. Along the way we meet others who have become comfortable in their routine and have forgotten their dreams. It's inspiring. Whilst there I bumped into an older lady who i know from churchy stuff. We were at conference together a few years ago. It was nice to see someone I knew and have a good chat. She had actually come thinking it was another play called the alchemist! However, despite that she had enjoyed it.

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