Sunday, April 15, 2007


there's been a bit of a back blog of things i've been meaning to report, but just not been in the write frame of mind (sic). Briefly, I was involved in setting up a meditative space for good friday, late into the eve of maundy thurs. Although it was not well attended, the actual act of preparing the room on the thursday felt like an act of worship. Creating and interactive art space, that did have the odd few drop in off the street. There's some pics and words of explanation on my good friday flickr set. Also enjoyed a walk around the river don, steeped in industrial history and a longer more challenging walk around lose hill and mam tor. There was some work undertaken in the garden as I fought the dicotyledens in my lawn in a battle I seemed to be loosing, leaving sparse clumps of monocotyleden grass clinging to the soil like wisps of hair on a balding mans head. Which annoyed me until my housemate reminded me that it wasn't as if I spent hours outside admiring my lawn. True. There's been some gigging too, and I'll write about that in due course, after submitting some reviews to teletext. So keep a look out this week, I may get something published. i hope so.

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