Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'd just finished eating my tea and having reached a suitable stopping point in the film i was watching I turned off the dvd. The tv flicked back onto channel four and i just caught the announcer informing that the very first episode of Countdown is to be aired on more4. Quickly turning over I was greeted with the old multi-coloured channel 4 logo before launching into Countdown. It began with these awful 80s graphics, reminiscent of school programmes of the same period. A slim richard whitely introduced the scope of the game, introducing the contestents: A solicitor from london who appeared to have stopped buying clothes in the 1950s, sporting a bryll creamed slicked back hair style and gestapo glasses. And some 28 year old guy with a tash, that could easily have passed for being 45. The game got underway and it was clear that the solicitor had a greater vocabularly than anyone else, having to spell out his words. Coupes, 'and what is that?' asks richard. 'I believe it is a kind of dish, or it could be the plural of a kind of car'. Dictionary corner confirmed it is a word, 'is it a dish?' the dictionary had obviously been closed 'er, yes, it is' is the unconvincing reply. Strangely, although carol vorderman is present for the numbers, there is another girl who takes out the letters and places them on the board. Trying to stifle a giggle as the letters sex come out consequetively. The contestants are pretty rubbish at the numbers, but a very young looking carol with very bad hair, makes easy work of it. Easing into the lead the solicitor dude has no problems with the final anagram, which has yet to be christened the countdown conundrum. However the loser reveals that he had worked out the anagram straight away, but had forgotten to press his buzzer, assuming a need to wait for the 30s to complete

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