Wednesday, October 17, 2007

runaway boy at runaway girl

I popped into the library on saturday whilst i was wandering around town, mainly to go and view the exhibition in the graves gallery. They have some nice photography and some abstract pieces in at the moment. One of the galleries looked especially good, a great use of space and colour and perhaps the best setting i've seen of the sculpture 'the kiss'. Whilst i was leaving i picked up an information booklet about the annual festival of reading and writing in sheffield, off the shelf. I'd noticed that tonight there was opportunity to go and read something aloud for up to 3 minutes at the runaway girl. It sounded interesting and I wondered if i could perhaps try reading a bit of the book I'm writing aloud. Bit apprehensive about mooting a work in progress, but there was a scene i'd read on saturday which i was quite happy with, and would also work as a stand alone piece. So off i toddled this evening, late cos getting into town for 7:30 isn't going to happen when you get home at 6:30 and have nothing in the fridge to eat. No matter, i envisaged a bar of bohemian writers and creative types, musing over beer and wine. Perhaps I may even find a creative writing class that could provide some assistance. I could slip in and listen to the readings and if brave, venture forwards and breath life into my sterile words. Take them off the page and see how they form when i articulate them audibly. Maybe receive some feedback. I got there and snuck a look through the window, all the tables were set out and they were filled with groups of people enjoying a meal over a glass of wine. Not looking particularly bohemian, more 'richard and judy book club' middle class women. A split decision, i'm not going to be able to sneek in here and sit and be comfortable. no way. I'll stick out like a fool with no friends.

run away....


AndyW said...

Nevermind, Given the circumstances, I think I would have done the same. I'm a great one for not following through on good intentions...

mystery girl said...

one of those things that sounds like a good idea in theory, but not so good in practice..

Justine said...

Alreet! I understand why you would get that impresh from looking in, but wish you had come in coz you'd have seen the cross section of people who read! We get unemployed lorry drivers, buskers, people who work at Waitrose, published poets and people who've never written or read owt in public before. Loads of people have come on their own and we go out of our way to look after folk.

I get your point about the tapas ;-) One of the reason's we're moving to the backroom of the lescar on Sharrow Vale road.

The first one at the new venue is Tuesday 26th February.
Have a listen to some of the performances and you can get a feel for the cross section of people who come.

If you want to come and are coming on your own, drop us a line and we'll save you a seat!

All the best

Words Aloud