Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bank holiday II - "wax on, wax off"

Did my usual wander into town in the morning to think about my book, i'm having a bit of difficulty over some grammar technicalities, it's all to do with the changes of naration i'm using. Milled around town and got some shopping done, as chesterfield had been relegated there was no cause for a trip to oldham in a last gasp chance to stay up. Instead i spent most of the afternoon in the garden painting my fence. A fence that appears to be on it's last legs, yet another looming expense, however, i hope the lick of paint will see it good for some months to come. The hours of fence painting, if mr myagi is to be believed, should help turn me into an expert in karate - so beware, I can probably kick you in the head, even if one of my legs is broken now.
Finished the day watching some snooker and reading this excellent book. Took me ages to get to sleep, my shoulder really ached, like i'd got a dead arm or something. I just couldn't get comfortable. So much for mr myagi!

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