Tuesday, May 08, 2007

bank holiday III - mac

church was a bit of a chore, a couple of people were away and all of a sudden the whole set up and collection becomes a real bind. The service was quite nice, nothing exceptional, a trainee local preacher having a trial service. I thought she did alright, though nothing revelationary or challenging. Went to see my friend cem over macclesfield way after church. We had a good afternoon strolling by the canal and getting something to eat before returning to chat whilst watching the best indie anthems ever, or some such countdown chart on mtv2. It's strange to see snapshots of indie hits that i really liked as a teenager. A time when the song artists appeared to me to be relatively ancient. Looking back now, seeing damon albarn singing boys and girls, for example, thinking - doesn't he look really young there! Another sign of the ageing process and no, i no longer enjoy listening to radio 1 in the daytime.

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