Wednesday, May 02, 2007

new tv

Yay! I've just bought a second hand tv off a guy at work. It's got digital tv, widescreen, will plug into our computer recorder thingamijig with s-video to SCART connection. But the best thing is I can get chunky old analogue teletext so i can read my reviews in all their glory. Plus i can catch up with all the rest of the planet sound reviews - they really are good. Hooray for teletext.

Just been shopping and nearly created a toilet roll landslide. A huge pile of multi packs stacked enticingly at the end of the row screaming look at me - 33% extra free. I wandered over, began to lift one of the top packs and noticed that a pack behind had been inexpertly stacked. It began to slip, causing the pile atop it to begin to gently slide towards me. Luckily i managed to stem the flow and rectify the situation without having to endure the embarassement of being engulfed in an avalanche of bog roll.

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Alastair said...


I am overwhelmed by the excitement - new telly, bog roll avalanche. I have to say that your life is significantly more interesting than mine!

On another note, i have a cd that arrived this morning by a band called Stickman Jones, very similar, i think to Over the Rhine. It's listenable but doesn't 'jingle my bells' but is similar enough to some of the things you have posted on yer blog that you might like it. If you want to email me your address I would happily stick it in the post to you!

have a good day, week, month etc