Thursday, June 01, 2006

Peter Crouch(ing tiger)

Went with v to see my m+d on tues as my cousin was around too. Started watching the england match and then headed over to scott's to watch the second half. We were chatting about our upcoming trip to germany whilst watching the match. However the highlight was when peter Crouch scored and did this weird robot dance celebration:

It was hilarious. I checked technorati and it seemed that people were going crazy over the dance. It seems it is a dance he performed at some charity party hosted by David Beckham, and some footage was circulating on t'internet, so he parodied himself.

What a star, this guy is brilliant, not only does he look like some gangly giraffe when coming onto the pitch, but he can actually play pretty well and score great goals. I hope we see more of the dance during the world cup. I know for one, I shall be recreating the moves whenever england score!

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Alastair said...

an homage to the great moment is celebrated on

and no, i don't have the teapot (see previous comment on Sir Jimmy!)