Friday, June 09, 2006

Something in my eye

Took v down to heathrow, and was pleased to make good time considering the time of day. It took about 3 hours via the M40, so were ready to check in just after 6pm. Unfortunately the computer system was down, and we had to wait, and wait, and wait. It took them ages to get sorted, and just when they were going to do the procedure manually, the system came back on line again. Despite being one of the first to be waiting around, as there was no orderly queue, we soon found ourselves being pushed back, sometimes by particularly underhand tactics. For example, one guy sidled up to the guy in front of us and began chatting with him like they were best friends, using this to gain an avantage and push ahead of us. This whole nonsense meant that v had less than an hour before boarding time, and so there was no time to grab a bite to eat together. After paying for her extra baggage we stood at the bottom of the escalator that went up to the departure lounge, said farewell, and I watched her ascend (though there were no angels sounding 'a la mount of olives'). It was a sad moment, and i think i had something in my eye.

Back to the car, pay the astronimical parking charge, and head back home. As I still hadn't eaten I called into hemel hempsted and met up with chris for a bite to eat before continuing home.

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