Monday, June 19, 2006

Swollen uvula

My hayfever has been playing up, it is always bad at this time of the year, and the resulting stuffy noses usually result in me breathing through my mouth when I sleep. Whilst on holiday this method of breathing resulted in a sore throat and the development of a huge ulcer of penny-like-proportions next to my now swolen right tonsil. Today this pain has now been accenuated with a resultant swollen uvula, an afflication that i am not altogether unfamiliar with, hence knowing it's name. For those of you asuming from the name that it is some part of the genitalia, it is actually the dangly thing at the back of the throat, the thing often used as a punch bag in cartoons like tom and jerry. My uvula often swells when I am under the weather, or I have a bad sore throat. The first time it was so huge it kind of sat on the back of my tongue causing me to want to swallow all the time. It was awful, and I was sent to the day rest beds by the doctor when he saw it back in my student days. Anyway, it seems that the cure is to drink cold drinks and also gargle with dissolvable asprin, as asprin has an anti-inflammatory effect. So that is what i hope to do today.

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