Sunday, January 14, 2007

Getting a new job

Seems like I'm not the only one dissatisfied with their current job. Dave Beckham has signed himself a new contract to play for LA Galaxy, teaming up with the great Alexi Lalas of crazy goatee sporting, guitar playing, slightly rubbish american footballer to score against England fame. It's not about the money, but about the football. I too would like to help with the promotion of the 'beautiful game TM" in the states and was pondering the chances of securing a multi-million dollar contract. I was chatting with my cousin suggesting I could try something akin to the infamous Ali Dia the worst player to have ever featured in the Premiership. His agent wrote to the then Southampton manager, Graeme Souness, pretending to be African football legend George Weah. The letter spoke of his cousin, a senegalese international star. Graeme was impressed and gave Ali a contract, and he soon made his debut appearing as a subsitute. He really was terrible, so bad in fact that he himslef was substituted sometime later! If I could pull off a similar trick with a Beckham-esque contract, I'd be sacked after a week, but £1/2M in pocket.

Was invited to a meal with m&e yesterday, a farewell meal for s before her return to university. It was delicious and I always enjoy a nice meal. M had even made some ice cream which was very good indeed.


Alastair said...

Been back to look at this post with the idea of commenting about half a dozen times, and the only thing that keeps coming to mind is 'i wish i could get away with facial hair like that guy'...

One day i will be overtaken by a bout of deep and meaningfulness, then i will be back here in an instant and surprise us all.

moog said...

Unfortunately, you wouldn't recognise alexi these days. His facial hair has gone and he now sports a sensible short hair cut.

The website I found this lalas picture on described his haircut as 'biblical' which amused me