Thursday, January 18, 2007

Zephyr in the sky at night

I wonder...

It was a bit windy today. Gradually throughout the day it got noticably windier and reports of road closures came through to the point that we were told to leave early. I'm still on the train, and I thought that for once the train was going to save me time on my journey home. One of the guys set off from the site cabin, still wondering the best route back, however within 2 minutes he had returned.
"Don't think I 'm going to get very far"
"why's that?"
"Tree's blown over"
And he pointed to the dirt track that leads from the road to the site cabins and a conifer had blown over, broken a wall and lay strewn across the access track. We found some rope on site and I tied it around the branches, couldn't remember any of the sophisticated knots I learnt at scouts, so made up my own version of a round turn and two half hitches. The other end was fastened to a tow eye on a car, and then the exciting bit as the car revved up and sped forwards dragging the branches away and freeing the road.
I was last to leave as I was still confined to the train time table. Got to the station. Now Thorne South station is little better than a bus stop, a brick shelter and that's your lot. You could even imagine it necessary to wave the train down as it goes past. At lunch I'd managed to contact the rail company and discovered that the line was still running. Though I was still a little concerned as to whether the train would still be running. There is absolutely no way of telling from this station. The fast train to manchester airport, which doesn't stop, came past, which was promising. It proved that the line was still free. The time for my train came and went, and I began to wonder how I was ever going to get back home. Certainly didn't relish the thought of spending the night at thorne. The train from sheffield arrived on the other platform and I dashed across the line to ask the conductor if he had any information. Turns out the train had been cancelled and his train would be the next to pass, so he invited me onto the train to Scunthorpe, where we turned around and came back, eventually arriving in Sheffield. I was now late for a meal with friends that I had been looking forward to all week. Thankfully e picked me up from the station and we weren't too late.

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