Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Things of note

During January I have enjoyed some things and hated others, so I thought I would give a brief rundown for you so that you can either try out the things I've liked or avoid the things I've hated. Apologies for such a poor post, if you have better things to do then there is no need to read further. However, if you are a little bit bored at work (in your lunch time of course) then it may well introduce you to something that you like too. Perhaps you could comment and make this into some kind of interactive forum. (If, as my site stats suggest, you have popped over to this blog due to searching for cures to a swollen uvula then you ought to check the june 2006 posts)

5 Good things

  1. 6 music - what a great radio station, an ecclectic mix of past greats and novel new bands.
  2. Operator Please - came across these australian kids thanks to 6music. Top passionate shoty punky pop tunes. They even have a song all about Ping Pong. They rock.
  3. malcolm middleton - has a new album out very soon and the upcoming single Brighter Beat sounds superb. The guitarist from arab strap looks due to release his third excellent album. Buy them all!
  4. Jarvis Cocker - check out this brililantly funny video for his single. Oh, and I've got tickets to see him live in sheffield - yay!
  5. iPod - what a wonderful thing for storing many records, you can never have too much music.

5 bad things

  1. Car insurance companies
  2. Car insurance companies
  3. Car insurance companies
  4. Car insurance companies
  5. Car insurance companies


felicity said...

i'm gonna hop on over to manchester in march when malcolm is playing! he's supporting badly drawn boy in leeds this/next month, but can't make that one!

Mr John Cooper said...

LIking the lists though thinking you may have a scripting error, the 5 bad things appear to be number one repeated ;)

Hope you get it all sorted

Regards ever