Sunday, January 14, 2007


On Wednesday I was involved in a car crash on my way to work, and I am now sick of re-running the events that led to the incident, the numerous times I've had to repeat myself to the inquisitive and to the insuarance companies. The result was I was in car number 3 of a four car sandwich. Everyone else was able to drive off, my car was smashed from behind by a van which completely wrote it off. I liked that car too, it was nice, though on the good side at least I don't have to clean up the grated cheese that had escaped from my sandwhich the previous day. It was a job I wasn't relishing. If I was a calvinist I would be celebrating the fact that the crash was all part of God's plan, and something good always comes out of these situations (like not having to clean the car) - thankfully I don't care too much for predestination, nor does it seem does dave walker.
Despite being a bit shaken and stiff from being flung around my car from the impact I was ok, but it has left me in a very inconvenient situation with regard to commuting to work. I'm having to leave super early to catch the hourly train from Sheffield, and then a 1 mile plus walk to the site. It means I get in late and the whole process takes nearly two hours. Three hours on friday as they kindly decided to cancel the train. It's just not fun and makes the work even less enjoyable than normal, who wants to spend around 4 hours a day commuting for a job that isn't particulalry interesting.


Dave said...

Chris - sorry to hear this and glad you are OK

felicity said...

hey moog, hope you're ok and not suffering the awful whiplash feeling. good news about the lack of cheese clearing!