Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jarvis is back

In sheffield at least. Thursday evening jt came down to visit and we went to watch jarvis cocker perform at the plug with A. It's the first time I have ever seen him perform live, lamentably I missed him during his days with Pulp. However, he did not disappoint, what a performer. He interspersed his songs with jovial chats about sheffield and his life spent in the city. Challenging the audience to name four rivers, before rattling off four and claiming "still got it!" Though his arsenal still contains some really good tunes, some really don't live up to his pulp days standard. Despite this, his spider like writhings and stage energy more than make up. His songs still contain observational wit and he manages to hide cutting lyrics beneath cheerful and upbeat melodies.
Had the next day off work so took the opportunity to go for a walk around stanedge with jt. Not the best walking weather as it was quite drizzly, but not awful. A steady wet and muddy walk made a really nice day, certainly better than going to work.jarvis cocker
Today I've managed to get a number of jobs done around the house, that have been piling up in recent weeks, good to have made some headway, though there's still plenty to be done. Found a nice new coffee bar/deli in town as well, where I gave a bit more thought to my book. I'm going to have to set some regular slots aside to make some more progress on it.

Jarvis photoset on flickr

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felicity said...

i love jarvis's look. reminds me of a dark haired version of my chemistry teacher from school! excellent photo's