Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Regina Spektor live

The last time I saw Regina Spektor live she was playing in the small room at the leadmill and it was an amazing performance. On the way home I bumped into a set of international students who wanted to find west street. I obliged by showing them as it was easier than giving directions. They were all pleasant to chat with and I met up with one of them later to talk 'english culture'. It was v.

Nothing quite so exciting this night, though as it was sold out I tried to blag my way in as a teletext reviewer, which I thought was fair cop, seeing as I had a hand full of my teletext planet sound reviews with me. They were convinced but cos my name wasn't down they couldn't let me in - boo. I didn't want to force the issue, but the door dude said that there was a few tickets that could be purchased on the door. Better than nothing I thought and took up the offer. Pleased I did, met ad inside who had already got his ticket. Surprisingly full venue, playing the main stage and there was quite a bit of chatter. This was disappointing me, cos there is nothing worse than chattering people at a gig. However, as Regina entered the stage a deathly silence fell as her powerful vocals captivated the audience. Her live vocals are really something else, so vivid and full, a sound that her recorded material does little justice to. She performed a number of solo pieces on piano and guitar, her vibrant anti-folk tunes with witty lyrics transfixing the audience. Then a session band joined her for some tunes from the new album and I thought it detratced from the rawness and simplicity of her vocals, something of the vitality of the songs was lost. Certainly a good gig, and worth giving up yet another evening for!

Took a few clips for you tube:

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