Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snow at last

trees at RedmireI was disappointed on Thursday that there was no snow, after the media frenzy. I thought I may be snowed in and unable to make the early morning meeting in Leeds, but no. Instead I awoke to no snow and the news media going crazy over two flakes of snow that they had. There was even a guy on the news in some wood broadcasting live "Look there is almost two inches of snow on these branches" he exclaimed. However, last night it began to snow in Sheffield, and it even settled quite thickly where I live. Today I woke up and it was drizzling, the snow had all but turned to slush and I was a little sad. Not to worry, I had planned on going for a walk up to stanedge and the snow would've fallen much deeper there. The bus journey up to Lodge Moor was interesting, the further from the city centre the deeper the snow became. One of the great things about living in Sheffield is travelling a couple of miles and being out into some awesome countryside. I walked from the bus terminus following the road, which went from brown slush to compact white snow as the traffic became lighter. Unfortunately it was also quite foggy, so much in fact that I didn't realise that I had arrived at the reservoir because I could hardly see it! Carried on up to Stanedge Pole and snow became less disturbed, as only a few people had been this way. Including some joggers (or fell runners) who were still making good pace despite the conditions. The snow was becoming really deep, and it was quite tough going, so much of the energy in the footsteps seems to be absorbed by the snow and the forward momentum is low. There were drifts of snow where I disappeared up to my knees, and it was a bit of a shame that I couldn't see the view blanketed in snow. The walk was great, and my legs feel like they have had a good work out. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to do some winter walking later in the year.
There are some more photos added to my stanedge flickr set

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Alastair said...

weeeeeeeee - snow.

It was fun while it lasted.