Sunday, March 04, 2007

La Lune

moonSaw the weather forcast on sat morning and they mentioned that there would be clear skies and a good view of the evenings lunar eclipse. The internet came back online in the evening and I was able to look up the times of the spectacle. It was interesting to see, a shadow slowly encrouching upon the moon, to the point when just a faint white gleam shone from the top most edge of the moon. the rest of the satellite was a striking copper red colour, with the outline shimmering a deep red. I think it's the best lunar eclipse I've ever seen. I tried to take some photos using long exposures, but without a tripod it was difficult to keep the camera steady. Ended up with this fairly rubbish hint of a globe that I cropped from a large image. However, there are some really good photos on flickr, like this example by truus.

my rubbish lunar eclipse photo set

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