Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yorkshire walking

Jonah had invited me over for the weekend as I'd been feeling a bit down, I decided to take him up on the offer and drove over to his house after work on friday. We spent an enjoyable evening drinking decent beer in some local pubs and then watching some phoenix nights. We were able to share our stories of failed relationships and wonder what next. It was also good to share a few humourous tales too. Had a bit of a lie in and read for a while this morning before getting some breakfast and setting off for a walk around the village of askrigg. At the start of the walk we had to traverse a river via means of rocks placed as stepping stones. I followed Jonah and was nonchelently crossing the river when Jonah slipped off the next stone ending up with a very wet leg. It was then that I noticed the rocks were covered in a glaze of algae slime that was impossible to get a foothold on and suddenly the 30cm gap to the next rock seemed a gulf that was impossible to negotiate. All of a sudden I thought my next step would result in a broken ankle. It was strange the psychological fear that Jonah's slip had conjured and I finished crossing in an ungainly manner of leaps and squat using my arms to steady myself. It really was very slippy. The scenery in the area is stunning and the walk was great, jonah identifying birds and wildlife whereas I admired discarded farm machinery and pondered the construction of roman roads and dry stone walls. A nice 8 or so mile stroll. Just need to find some time to work on my book, which would've been my alternate option for today.

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