Sunday, March 04, 2007

Meeting Richard Branson

It's been a bad week for virgin media, not only have they had a fall out with BskyB, resulting in me loosing sky one and sky sports news, but their broadband internet has been playing up. I've not been able to get online, and I had a number of things to blog about on friday, and I can't recall what they are, I'm sure they couldn't have been that enlightening. It's annoying loosing these channels as they are the ones you can flick onto whilst eating your tea/breakfast. Plenty of football scores, futurama and simpsons and of course 24 on a sunday eve. However, Richard Branson cut his holiday short to come to my house and tell me how sorry he was with the inconvenience the loss of these channels and internet was. I said, "it's nice of you to pop by Richard, I can call you Richard can't I?" "Why yes, I think Sir Branson is far too formal for my flowing blonde locks image." "Ok Richard, but the thing is I wanted to check what was on at the cinema this weekend and without the internet I couldn't."

1 comment:

Alastair said...

I thought we'd lost you for a bit there....

Bit presumptuous of that Sir Ricky bloke to pop round uninvited, wasn't it?

Deep sadness for you at having lost 24 part way through a series, that would drive me mad (which is why i don't watch them until they come out on DVD then gorge myself on them all within a few days....)