Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bit of work today

I've been doing this temping work for a contruction company, and every now and again I pop in and help get their admin stuff up to speed. The company is called bluestone and they have the tender to build these new office blocks near rother valley country park. It's quite interesting to see how such things take place, the procurement of subcontractors etc. But my work gets a bit dull if there's not enough things for me to do.

Yesterday I took a walk up to my friends house to give him back a bottle capper that I'd borrowed. On the way up the hill I was passed by a fox! Quite strange to see one walking around the streets in broad daylight.

This evening I'll have to get on and get some stuff sorted for church, there's this 24 hour prayer event that I'm supposed to be organising for the circuit. It should be an interesting venture - I hope it is well supported and not just the same old ppl.

The other thing I might start doing tonight is putting some of my travel photos together into an album. I finally got round to ordering prints on Wednesday - and how about this for service: I'd uploaded about 380 pictures to and I ordered the prints at about 1545, the very next day (yesterday in fact) they all arrived by post, and only 10p a print.

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