Monday, May 16, 2005


And what a grey monday it was too, a really miserable morning. Took me ages to get out of bed, that's what happens when you've got little motivation to get up. Read for a bit as I eased myself from the comfort of my bed into the shower. Applied for a couple of jobs, which is a good thing, there's a few more I want to apply to at the moment as well. Got a phone call around 1530 from Hays and they have a school which would like me to do some lab tech stuff for them till the end of the week. Well, better than nothing, and I could do with the money, so I accepted. The thing is, I know realise all the odd jobs I'd planned to do this week I hadn't bothered attempting today - don't want to be left with nothing to do for the rest of the week! And now looks like they'll be post poned again.

Visited my friend Claire in hospital, she was well enough to be let out and we went and found a nearby pub. It was a proper 'local' pub with people inside who I guess spent most of their time there. It was good to chat with her and hopefully releive the boredom she faces.

Just got back from Andrew's where we've been choosing songs for a worship service on Sunday, trying to check my email, but it's playing up. Hoping to organise a trip to the cinema on saturday to watch the new star wars film, and want to see if anyone else wants to come along too, but can't access the replies!

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