Saturday, May 14, 2005

fresh expresions

The weekend, and what do I do, go to a conference on fresh expressions of church. To be honest, I was really dissapointed. This was organised for the whole sheffield district, which is vast in geographical terms, yet there were so few ppl in attendance - and I was the youngest! The whole concept of doing church differently really appeals to me, but mot of today didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. What was intresting was listening to peoples stories from around the district of different styles of church that they had adopted.

Afterwards i went for a wander around the winter gardens, which I enjoy doing, but don't really do very often. It's interesting at the moment, many of the plants are in bloom and there are some really interesting flowers. In fact a few of them are crazy looking, never seen anything like them before, most unusual. I also like looking at some of the plants that I encountered whilst on my travels around the world, like bamboo and tree ferns and NZ flax.

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