Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Been travelling to Cliff College every day over the bank holiday weekend for their annual conference with Andrew. My friend Chris came over too, he's just finished at uni and it was good to catch up with him too. Overall it was a nice weekend, the weather was good, and it's nice to relax and soak up a friendly atmosphere. Some of the services and seminars were really good, others were less inspiring. Sunday was good, church was great and really busy, lots of people were around to share in the service and communion. It was really informal, sat around drinking tea and coffee and doing a kind of bible study after a bit of singing - it was nice. Went for lunch at Grindleford station cafe which is great if you want loads of good food to fill you up for the rest of the day. Siobhan, Matt and Emma came along too. After lunch we parked up at Cliff and walked up to Curbar Edge where we spent the afternoon admiring the view and eating ice creams. The service in the evening was nice, the worship singing was interesting, lots of songs I didn't know, but the band would do these jams for ages which I found really helpful. People were invited to pray for a person at the end of the service and it was quite sad listening to all the hurt and passions that people brought, situations that had obviously been the cause of many hours of prayer and petition. Friends and family members to know Christ, people with hurts and illnesses.

It's always a shame to leave Cliff, as it's just so tranquil and it's easy to spend time with God and to try and get to know him better and how to serve him better. But it's always time to return to work.

Today I have a new job data inputting in Sheffield. It's all very vague, I'm supposed to file things away that have no obvious reference point and I don't know where to put them because of this. When I ask for advise on how to know where to file them, I'm merely told, you just learn where stuff goes.


I mean - how vague is this!


might go and watch england vs columbia, hardly worth it though, friendly matches never have the thrill of a match where things are at stake.

Listening to the Arcade Fire - they are great.

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