Thursday, May 12, 2005

well that seems in order...

So to post number two...

Did anyone see the programme called the The Monastery on bbc2 tuesday night? It was a really great piece of religious television. Five blokes living in a Benedictine Monastery for 40 days and nights. Leaving behind a secular world to concentrate on the spiritual. A life of silence, contemplation and prayer. What really struck me was the wisdom of the monks as they explained their own personal devotion and faith, and the way they answered the questions they recieved. In fact sometimes asking a question in return that perhaps exposed the underlying precepts of the questioner. It reminded me of the way Jesus taught. Looking forward to the next two episodes now.

Not done much job searching yet so far, the jobs paper should be out soon. Been side tracked with setting up this, and also faffing with my atempt at brewing beer. Unfortunately it seemed to have gone horribly wrong, there was no pressure in my cask at all. Yesterday I discovered the reason, the cap had a great crack in it! However, I syphoned off a little of the beer from the top and it looked fine, and tasted ok, if little flat. So today I've filled a few bottles with the brew with a spot of sugar too, see if it can be rescued.

Bible study tonight, which I enjoy, I don't put enough time aside to study the word. Even though I find it compelling and fascinating. I think the key is to read a passage, then re-read slowly and see what questions it arises in your mind. And for me, there are usually loads. But doing this helps me break down the barrier of the text and the problems that that leads too, and instead helps me see truths that are being conveyed.

Better do something more useful..

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