Friday, May 20, 2005

Magic Numbers

Last night was quite busy, in fact there was hardly any time to relax. Had to prepare some documents for a church meeting, cook, eat and open the venue. A big rush, thought i'd got a few mins to relax and my uncle rang, which resulted in me leaving the house later then I'd anticipated. It was an exciting meeting though, plans for a new church had been drawn up for us to look at. Really ingenious use of space to create a worship centre that befits an odd congregation like ourselves. Where community and relationships are of more importance to tradition. No pews, but coffee bars and meditation rooms.

As soon as the meeting finished then me and andrew were off to see the Magic Numbers play live at Sheffield Fuzz club. Met up with Janet inside and caught up with her job situation and stuff, nice to see her again. Anne Cecile was also there with Claudia, I'd mentioned that in an email that they might enjoy the music.

The magic numbers came on stage about 11pm and were fantastic, as god as the previous occasion I'd seen them live, back in Leeds Cockpit early in the year. They are just such natural musicians the songs just arrive effortlessly, despite the fact that they contain many harmonies and melodies woven together in an intricate manner. Wonderful. They really seemed to enjoy the gig and engaged with the audience making them feel more like your friends then rock stars. Looking forward to buying their single next week.

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