Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hemel continued

Went to church with chris on sun, and it was a nice change to not have to worry with set ups and collecting people etc. The service wasn't bad, despite the cheesy worship session from the 1980s. Not so sure about the pre-cut squares of bread for communion that had begun to go a bit crispy and stale around the edges. These were carried around on plates and distributed to people as they were sat down. Cue bloke with plate bringing bread to me and chris, "Body of Christ, lads?" not sure a high anglican would appreciate that!

People seemed fairly friendly, but the:
'what's your name?'
'And what is your name?'
'Oh, two Chris's, that's easy to remember'

conversation became a little tiring. As I blogged previously it seems difficult to bring conversations above the trivial, and 'so what do you do?' level. But then I find that some people I get on with almost immediately, and I'm not sure why that is, those friends who just seem to be on the same wavelength, like the same music, or books or something.

Chris took me round to where he used to work, which is right next to the buncefield oil depot. The destruction was hard to comprehend, it really looked like some war torn area. Buildings with the cladding completely ripped off, windows broken, pockmarks all over walls. You certainly realise how fortunate people who work in that area were for it to have exploded on a sunday morning.

After lunch we went into the Chilterns for a walk, although the highest point is only a mere 267m above sea level, the view was quite vast as the surrounding area is so flat.

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