Monday, February 06, 2006

Nothing to report

My life still remains uneventful, a complete defecit in interesting occurences or thoughts. Though I do have some on church, which i may put in another post, cos they'll be dreadfully dull for most people. But why post, if there is nothing to report, well it's because I am completely bored again at work, there's nothing to do. Sitting around twiddling thumbs for an hour is not my idea of fun either, I'd rather be photocopying some large document. So to kill a bit of time I'll log a few of my weekend activities. Saturday, continued with my decoration of the kitchen, picked up some paint from wickes, got home, went to get the masking tape for the windows, couldn't find it. Was sure I had some from when I did the bathroom. Had to go back to Wickes to get some more masking tape. Got home, found a spare roll of masking tape in a shopping bag that had been lying around my lounge for a fortnight, then found another roll under the sink whilst I was searching out my paint brush. Typical. Managed to get most of the woodwork glossed and gave the plaster an undercoat using this special paint that can cover up cracks. It looks quite good, just ready for the final coat now.

Also watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre that I videoed, it's supposed to be some kind of genre defining film and was banned for quite some time for being too disturbing. However I found it rather dull, no suspense, not bothered about the characters, feeling nothing as they are slaughtered. In fact the 'slasher' scenes are fairly gore free, and appear more comical than fear inducing. Perhaps that's a result of the dating of the film, should Mel Gibson do a re-make.....

I did like the style in which the movie was filmed, hand held camera work, probably super 8, grainy colour, not your superfine holywood digital picture. And the black humour, particularly the scene where the canibal father returns home to find that his son has cut open the door to the house with the chainsaw, whilst chasing one of the teenagers. He chastises his son for damaging the door, despite the fact that he's just slaughtered 4 teenagers!

Oh, and i wasn't successful in my bid to win some tickets to the football world cup, i had been quietly confident over securing tickets for tunisia vs saudi arabia. There is a slim chance of purchasing returns.

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