Monday, February 27, 2006

Gig and the Spireites

It's been quite a good weekend, had my friend S around to stay and it's been a fun-packed programme. Kicked off on Friday night with a gig at the leadmill, a band called morning runner who have major label backing, but prove rather disappointing. Just sent a mini-review to teletext:

Morning Runner, although clearly outshining some terrible local support acts, fail to deliver. They seem to struggle to define their own sound, displaying no qualities that make them stand out amongst their guitar led indie-pop peers. A dabble into a quiet ballad proves disappointing, and is hard to hear amongst the conversations as people turn to chat, rather than become engrossed in the music. Early single, ‘work’ retains some sparkle and offers a glimmer of hope. Morning Runner, more like coach potato.

Perhaps it will appear on p354 this week, if I'm fortunate.

On Saturday went to Millmoor to see the spireites take on Rotherham United. I've never been to Millmoor before, and it is the worst ground I've ever been to, even worse than Saltergate. It just looked really grotty, half finished, and difficult to access. The pitch was poor, but Chesterfield came away 4-0 victors. A good performance, but hard to judge, as Rotherham were terrible. A really dull first half was ignited with a late Chesterfield goal, which seemed to spur us forward for the second period. We had little chances, but those we had were taken with aplomb, some great finishing. Despite all their problems on and off the pitch, it was rather disheartening to see about 75% of the home supporters leave well before the end of the match.

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