Friday, February 24, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon

It seems everyone is producing one of these images of their blogging words. You can get yours here. It's interesting to see which words have been used most often during my blogging time, bit disappointing to see that neither the delgados or science have made the grade.

Nothing of note to report this week, it's been fairly quiet after the excitement of visiting the capital over the w/e. Did speak to my sister on the phone for over an hour on monday. Which is quite a long time, she was quite excited to have seen a comment from clu, an old friend from Pilsley. She also wanted a mention on my blog, so now she has. She works for a school/church in derby and goes around schools telling kids that she's so hard when she was young she put her fist through a window, so they'd better listen about jesus.

ok, so that's not strictly true, but sounds much more entertaining, we used to race from the car to the house, only about 10 metres. Trying to pip me to the post, she ran arms out-stretched straight into the door, arm continuing trough one of the panes of glass. I reckon I still beat her though!

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clu said...

hey, please send me your email address again, its dropped out of my computer! :)