Thursday, February 02, 2006

Smash Hits

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but despite being incredibly bored at work, i could think of nothing of interest to blog about. Though I did find myself thinking of things on my journey home, and then promptly forgetting them again when back in front of the computer.

Well this lunch time I've just read this article on the bbc news site informing me that the Smash Hits Magazine is to be no more, the last edition to be published on the 13th feb. Reading the artical it states that the magazine enjoyed mass popularity in the late 80s, which is the era when I used to read it. I'd eagerly await my dad bringing home the latest edition and always enjoyed reading it. I first got into listening to pop music in the autumn of 1987, and would watch totp regularly, placing my tape recorder in front of the tv and recording the songs i liked. Then when radio 1 became FM and stereo they used to transmit totp on the radio at the same time, which made recording easier. I don't recall being bothered about the posters in smash hits, so can't really remember it's appeal, i enjoyed the interviews, and the lyrics were always a must read. I think at one point I used to cut the lyrics out and stick them in a book. But times have changed, teens are no longer interested in smash hits, and you can get those interviews and lyrics from the internet now - in fact with some bands you can even communicate with using band forums! So Smash Hits are going to focus their resources on new technologies instead - if only the church could recognise it's growing irrelevence in it's traditional form....

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