Thursday, February 09, 2006

We are the famous CFC...

That's what we sing at chesterfield matches, it's not true of course. Chelsea are the famous CFC, and I enjoyed watching the match last night. Had a bit of a session in front of the tv last night. First watched most of The Princess Bride that i recorded the other day. This film is great fun, a really great story, and peter falk is fantastic as the narator. You just want him to say "just one more thing...." The other great thing about this movie is that a lot of the scenes are recorded in Derbyshire. I remember just before i went to uni I was doing some agency work in a factory making the bookends for WHSmith, bending plastic sheets, and there was a guy there who lived out on a farm and one of his dads fields was used for one of the scenes! Stopped the film before the end so that I could watch the match, and an entertaining end to end match it was too. Despite being 4-1 up, Chelsea seemed to continue to strive for more goals, which makes for good viewing.

Didn't need my headlights on the drive to work this morning - for the first time this year. The sun is out - wahay!

yep, i'm bored at work again, and there's something making it worse, I'm having to sit at another desk to accomodate someone else, much to my annoyance. Why, because I'm now next to the radio filling the air with it's putrid music, athlete, corrs, that song from dirty dancing. It's more than a sane person can cope with. That's commercial radio for you - Hallam FM, pile of cack.

Google have a new picture sorting tool, picasa, and it looks like the google team have come up trumps again. Prob download it and let you know how good it is, it has a button to upload my pics to this blog too.

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Phil Goodacre said...

now come on chris - you really didn't think this post was going to go uncommented upon.

i mean really, we're nearly 40 years older than those poncy londoners...FORTY were right first time - WE ARE THE FAMOUS CFC!!!!