Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Church council pancakes

We had our church council meeting last night, and with it being shrove tuesday, we had decided to meet at 6:30 and have some pancakes before going into the business of the meeting. We came up with this idea at our last council meeting back in November, dp had said that he'd be prepared to organise the cooking. So on sunday I asked him if he'd sorted anything out for it. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that, I'll put together a chilli and bring that along". I said I'd make a cheese and ham sauce. Sorted. So last night whilst cooking cheese sauce (with flour lump surprise) and dp was making litres of pancake mixture we wondered how we had managed without sixteen preparatory meetings and committees to discuss logistics, cutlery requirements, numbers of people, cost etc as is par the course for methodism. We'd just got on with it and a great meal was enjoyed by all, everyone mucking in to wash up and find cutlery etc. If only church was like this more often, it's so much simpler. The meeting went well, and we had time for a good conversation about where we go next, having just decided not to go ahead with our planned purchase of a building. A lot of time and effort had gone into the project, but it became apparent that our small congregation size would struggle to manage to cope with raising money for scheme, increasing weekly income to enable building to be a feasible venture, low numbers of people to manage building. It just seemed like too many inhibitory factors, though we continue to recognise that our way of approaching church is so different to what many people are doing. Our task is how to become better known in the community and amongst people who are becoming dissatisfied with traditional church.

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