Monday, March 13, 2006

Chatsworth and Spirited Away

Went to Fopp on saturday morning to purchase the new mogwai album, mr beast, but whilst I was there I ended up purchasing much more....again! I see so many records that are relatively cheap and I just want to add them to my collection. In the end I only bought 4 cds, which I think was really good of me. A collection of mogwai radio sessions, isobel campbell's new album and 'songs for the deaf' by queens of the stoneage. Then met up with v and went to Bakewell for a browse round a peak market town and purchase some world famous bakewell pudding. We then walked over to see Chatsworth house, it's not too far away, just a couple of miles. The route we took was mainly small roads and bridle paths, but one of the paths going up through the woods was incredibly muddy. The previous days rains had turned the path thick with mud, so we decided to take a detour on the way back to miss it out. The weather was quite cold, but fairly bright, interspresed with the odd shower of snow. This snow was a bit weird, a bit like if drizzle turned to snow, not proper flakes, just little balls. We ate our picnic on a bench in the grounds of Chatsworth, being amused by flocks of sheep crossing the road and causing problems for passing motorists.

sheep crossing
chatsworth house in the snow

In the evening we watched spirited away, which v recommended, one of her favourite films. It was really good too, stunning animation, attention to detail and crisp colours, all in that typical anime style (which always reminds me of 'Battle of the Planets' or 'Ulysees 31').

Spirited Away

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jadeocean said...

I saw that movie too. It also my new favorite movie.