Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Una Cena

una cena

Yesterday we held a circuit service where the focus was on sharing a meal and conversations. Had a few technical stresses with the projector, but dp was able to sort it out, whilst I sorted out the sound. The tables were beautifully set out by some of the women from around the circuit. Baskets of fruit, bread boards with fresh bakes loafs, and plates of cheese. A simple liturgy was used to accompany the meal, starting with a song, some words, and then into the meal. About an hour was spent eating and chatting, and it was great to see everyone chatting away, so often there seems so little time to have a decent conversation with people at church. In fact I enjoyed a conversation with the super intendent minister, who has been around for about 4 years, but whom i knew very little about. Whilst the meal was taking place, I left a looping powerpoint presentation showing some nice scenery, interspersed with ideas for conversation. Why/when did you come to sheffield?Which church, if any, do you attend? What is your favourite record? What annoys you about church?

The meal concluded with the sharing of communion, followed by sharing of stories. Three people from around the circuit, shared a short story of how God had affected their life. It's so much more inspirational to hear real stories, from their experiences.

After the singing of a final song, people were encouraged to have a cup of tea and continue the conversation, perhaps with people that they weren't sat with, and it seemed most did.

It was an enjoyable evening, and I hope something we can do again.


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Sounds really good!

Sally said...

wonderful idea, we had a Circuit meal last week but nothing like did people respond to the questions?

moog said...

The questioins were just ideas, but I heard a number of conversations using them. It's certainly a change to the usual, what do you do? etc, and they lead nicely into chatting about faith. Except, perhaps the favourite record one, unless it's handel's messiah....