Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yorkshire dales

On saturday went to visit jonah up in skipton. It was good to meet up again. He'd planned a great walk in the yorkshire dales, more specifically litton dale. It was actually a fairly tough walk, the hardest part being walking up onto old cote moor top. It was a pretty steep climb, and this was made more difficult by fairly deep snow and a bracing icy wind. The weather on the tops was in stark contrast to the mild, still weather of the valley below. The scenery was stunning, lovely brown colours of the hills, streaked with white snow, finally giving way to a white expanse as the summit was met. I do enjoy a really good walk.

After finishing the 12 mile hike, we were both tired and hungry, so finished the day with some fish and chips washed down with a few pints of real ale.

Got up early on sunday and drove back to sheffield in time for church. The journey back was made frustrating by the fact I came through leeds to pick up the M1. Whenever I go to leeds I can never get onto the motorway, I've no idea who did the town planning and sign distribution, but it's absolutely terrible. I know I'm really close to the motorway, but due to the one way systems, I follow the signs to lead me back to the road. Instead the signs seem to lead me in ever increasing circles, until i'm finally flung from some ring road system, completely disorientated, and more often than not, travelling in completely the opposite direction then that I was anticipating. It's the road equivalent of pin the tail on the donkey. Eventually I made it onto the m621 after following a sign for hull!!!

After church on sunday, went to my parents house with v for some sunday lunch, and to receive some b'day presents. It was a nice meal, and good to see m+d.

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