Tuesday, March 21, 2006

birthday boy

It was my b'day yesterday, and though i don't really feel old, i'm now noticing signs of ageing: grey hair, slight wrinkles around the eyes. Of course, like christmas, birthdays now fail to have the excitement and expectation of years gone by. I've not been giving my age in ever increasing fractions, in anticipation of using a new integer either. However, the day passed off ok, work was fairly busy, so it made the day go quickly, got a few b'day texts and emails, including a text from siobhan in kenya!

unfortunately my sister's card has got lost in the post, and I was quite disappointed at this. She's been taking card making classes, and I wanted to see what kind of a card she had made. I hope it arrives soon.

v came round in the eve, and had fastidiously wrapped my present in an old copy of OK (or some such celebrity mag) that she got from her room mate, cleverly disguising an england shirt in her desk lamp box. It's great, and I shall definitely be wearing it when i head over to germany during the world cup.

Met andrew, dave, matt and emma for a meal at a nice italian restaurant in croookes. I had a really nice meal, and enjoyed having my friends around too. Just a shame about the tina turner best of cd playing in the background. Emma suggested that the restaurant should be bring your own cds as well as wine! I think that would be much better. Though just thinking about it, perhaps the music was for me, you're simply the best! ;)

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Sally said...

Happy Birthday!

(BTW, should I ask who v is? I'm about to write wedding invites, so you ought to tell me about changes of state...)