Thursday, March 30, 2006


what I think about parsnips
Image by Dave Walker.

It seems that talk of parsnips is all the rage on the blog front, so I thought I'd join in. Actually all this talk of parsnips probably resulted in me purchasing a number of said vegetables yesterday. Cooked them for me and v, 5 min in microwave to soften, then roasted in hot oven, with honey glaze for about 30 min.

There were other things on the plate too.

My sis rang last night and reminded me to tell you that her b'day card for me did arrive. It was about 3 days late, and I must point out, it had absolutely nothing do do with how she had written my post code. No, not at all!


Anonymous said...

The link to your actual blog has disappeared off Google again. Your profile page is there though, right under the gallery of helmets.

Anonymous said...

Was the card worth the wait?

moog said...

Of course, it was from my sis!