Tuesday, March 21, 2006

28 pence later

I'd noticed the last few days that the bp petrol station near the barnsley office seemed to be changing the petrol price frequently In a morning it would be 88.9 and in the evening 89.9. It dawned on me that the reason was due to the fact that they had not set the sign correctly, so on one side (facing me on the way into work) it said 88.9 and 89.9 on the other. Well this morning I needed to fill up with fuel, and this discrepency was still present, so before filling up I enquired what the price was. The staff said it was 89.9, I said that it was advertised at 88.9 and that is what I would be paying. "How are we going to work out how much it will be?" was the response!! So I made it easy for them, filling up with exactly 28 litres, that'll be 28*(89.9-88.9) hardly a testing bit of maths. I told them I expected 28p back, which they duely gave me, though I'm sure if I said I was owed £2.80, they would've still obliged. On my way out I noticed a guy with a magnet on the end of a big stick carrying a number 9, going to correct the mistake. Apparently no one else had noticed it.

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