Sunday, March 05, 2006

65 Days of Static

On Friday night I went to see 65 days of static and they were truely superb.

The night started with hardcore/metal act The Mirimar Disaster and although this genre is not my fave, I quite enjoyed their energy onstage, particularly the bass player, who seemed to be just one mass of long hair, with a few arms protuding, holding the bass guitar. The way his hair was flaling in all directions would've looked great on a L'Oreal advert. It quite amused me that between songs the singer was quite articulate and clear as he talked to the audience, to become some hoarse throated screaming incoherent babbler when he broke into song.

This was followed by a display in interesting beeps and electronica from Chris Clark, and although the music was interesting and challenging, the sight of a guy slowly twiddling knobs on a mixing desk just doesn't have the stage presence of careering around the stage with a guitar. I'm sure what he was acheiving is technically very difficult, but hard to appreciate in such a setting.

65DOS were greeted onstage by a video montage created by the media lounge a group of vj's who complemented the music with loads of incredible moving images throughout the gig. The sound tonight was absolutely stunning, the fusion of electronic beeps and mogwai-esque rock guitar music is simply like nothing else you've heard before. The guys on stage play and move around with incredible enthusiasm, and at times I'm afraid they are going to accidently hit each other with the bridge of a guitar. This is the future of gigging right here, electronica, rock, vj's all combining to produce an ecelectic cerebral experience, you could almost hear the synapses in my brain firing as they tried to cope with such aural and visual stimuli.

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