Monday, March 13, 2006

snow and church

Woke up on sunday to find it snowing, and i thought to myself, i bet margorie (our nonagenarian member) will be really excited. Whilst I was setting up, one of the carers from the nursing home came round with a lady who wanted to go to church, I'd not seen her before and when I asked him what her name was he said 'margorie' I had visions that he'd been instructed to take margorie across the road, but had got the wrong lady ready by mistake. Much like when grampa simpson goes to fetch marge's mum, and brings the wrong lady. Anyway, after the confusion was settled, it seems she was new to the nursing home and wished to go to church. As expected when we did go to pick up Margorie, she was very excited to go out in the snow, and in fact on the way back I made her a snowball, which she took inside with her and dispatched at one of the careworkers, much to her amusement!

It was a nice service once again, and interesting discussions arose from our continued look at conversing and 'time to talk of god'. I found it a very rewarding time.

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