Saturday, April 01, 2006

Football saturday

Went to a chesterfield match for the first time in a while, with it being a local derby against former european champions nottingham forrest, I decided it was worth going. I'd also managed to convince v that going to a football match is something she needed to experience whilst in england. We went by train and arrived at chesterfield station just as a horde of forrest fans were being ushered into a group surrounded by police and escorted into town. V thought that this was rather strange, and wished she's managed to take a surreptitious photo of the proceedings. Met up with scott and after a bite to eat we headed to saltergate.

Actually the match was very enjoyable despite the defeat. Some good flowing football was played, and with a little more imagination in the last third, plus an improvement to our defence, chesterfield could become strong contenders next season. Picken's goal for Chesterfield was quite superb, a deft shot from outside the area into the top corner. The banter between the rival fans proved quite amusing to v.

After the match we met up with john, a friend from my childhood days in pilsley, and suzanne who were in the area for the weekend. They're both huge liverpool fans, and we found a pub to watch the evening match. It was great to see them both and hear that John's dad has made a remarkable recovery.

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