Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring in my step

Had a nice lie in this mornng, finished watching a recoreded episode of Dr Who over breakfast, before spending a good two hours in the garden. Digging up weeds, relocating the path from under the encrouching grass, cutting the edges and a general tidy round. Gave the lawn a quick cut, and was quite impressed with my effort. Went into town and enjoyed browsing round the many market stalls in place as part of the continental market, bought some food and went and ate it infront of the large screen outside the crucible. This has been erected to allow people to sit outside and enjoy coverage of the world championship snooker taking place inside.
Adem - homesongs
I then popped into fopp and bought the new album by adem. He is an ex-member of a band called fridge, and his debut album, homesongs, was my favourite album of 2004. It just got better with every listen, and I still enjoy it now. I first saw adem supporting the delgados in Leicester, and then agin in Leeds.

Adem - love and other planetsI've also seen him supporting explosions in the sky, but have now bought tickets to see his own headline set at the boarwalk next month. He plays a beautiful folky mix, using borrowed sounds from odd instruments and peculiar percussian items. Have just listened to the first track of the new album, love and other planets, and am sure that this will be equally as good.

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